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Oriflame Wellness Success Stories

Wellness Success Stories

Our Wellness products are proven to help you live a new life, lose weight and feel great. But don’t take our word for it. Here are just few inspiring success stories from many thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.


Diamond Director, Kolkata

“I lost 8 kilos in 6 months with Wellness by Oriflame!”

SONALI SENGUPTAHaving a successful career as a Diamond Director in Oriflame, I learned to pursue the perspective for an optimistic outlook. This is what prompted me to take up the Wellness Challenge in September 2013.

Weight has been an issue for my entire life. I struggled with weight and tried every fad diet available. I was eventually initiated into the Oriflame Wellness Challenge.

I took up the challenge at a body weight of 88kgs, and a waist measure of 46 inches.I knew that I had a lot to cover, so I decided to follow the Wellness Roadmap and started with Wellness Nutrishake in between meals and as a part of my healthy breakfast. Besides weight managent issues, I was also struggling with fatigue and other health issues associated with obesity so I also started consuming two capsules of Omega 3 for the obvious health benefits.

I tossed junk food out of my diet completely and immersed myself in training and nutrition. I started walking, and then moved to gym sessions. Thereafter, I began to love what weight training did for me. For the first time in my life, I felt strong.

In my weight loss journey, Wellness Nutrishake and Omega 3 supplement were the most important tools that supported me. The taste of the Nutrishake was so delicious that it kept my dieting interesting throughout.

Fitness completely changed my life for the better. Till date, I have lost 8 kgs and my waist measure is 38 inches now. I wake up every day restored with energy to inspire others. I have the energy to live life to the fullest.

Oriflame Wellness Challenge, helped me to change my life for better

Oriflame Wellness products


Entrepreneur, Delhi

“I reduced 5 kg of fat and gained 1.5 kg of lean muscle weight in 3 months!”

RICKY TEJAI used to be very active, a frequent visitor of the gym and a park jogger. However after having started my own business, which demanded all my time and focus, I started falling into unhealthy habits of skipping meals and eating junk food on the go. The visits to the gym and parks happened less frequently and soon I realized that I was never able to sustain my energy level throughout the day.

A friend recommended me to do a health test at Oriflame, and so I did. The results shocked me. I had higher body fat than normal and lower muscle percentage than an average guy of my age. The health test reviled that my physical age was 40, 10 years older than my actual age! It was time for a change.

My goal was to reduce my fat percentage and build more muscles, as well as increase my energy level and by this get my body and wellbeing back in shape. I used the Nutrishake twice per day before and after my workout to support my muscles. Nutrishake gives my body additional fuel for energy during the workout and aids recovery afterwards. I also made sure to have a Nutrishake when I experienced sugar craving during the day.

I followed the plate model suggested in the Wellness Roadmap, reduced the intake of carbohydrates and made sure to eat more of lean protein such as fish, chicken and turkey. I followed a quite strict workout schedule with brisk walks or jogging before breakfast 6 days per week to burn fat in combination with strengths training with weights 4 times per week. Thanks to Wellness by Oriflame and support from friends and family I reduced 5 kg of fat and gained 1.5 kg of lean muscle weight in only 3 months!

Now I’m in top shape — full with energy and confidence!


Diamond Director, Delhi

«I Lost 8.5 kilos in 6 months!»

KANWALJEET BHASINWe all want to be healthy, energetic and positive in life but our modern lifestyle makes it hard to achieve. That’s exactly how I felt a few months back. I lived a hectic life and started putting on weight, I got tired easily and even started showing signs of depression. The reason? I was 58 kg when I got married. And I could not help thinking whether one day I will come back to my original self. I looked at my wedding dress, which I adore, and wanted so badly to get slimmer. I followed many diets but none of them gave me sustainable results.

I have been with Oriflame since last 14 years, and today I am a successful Diamond director amongst top 30 Oriflame India. My family used to wonder why I could not be determined to lose weight the way I was determined to succeed with Oriflame. I was so happy when I got chosen to be amongst those few who tried Wellness by Oriflame before its official launch. I weighed 97.5 kg before starting but strongly believed that if I could succeed with Oriflame cosmetics so can I with Wellness.

That’s how my journey to the healthy lifestyle began. By using the products regularly and following Wellness lifestyle I lost 8.5 kg in 6 months. Besides, I started feeling more energetic and happy, which eventually helped me to grow personally and professionally.

With time, I have become more careful towards my eating and sleeping habits. Wellness lifestyle is not difficult to be adopted. Slight changes in daily routine makes a big difference in your life. All I did was to take Nutrishake twice a day and two capsules of Omega 3 a day with an addition of 30 to 45 min everyday walk to maintain 10000 steps a day for healthy living.

Always remember: healthy body produces a healthy mind, which, in turn, leads to success in life.

Use Wellness, enjoy life to the fullest and achieve your dreams


Are you ready to feel, and look, fantastic? At Wellness by Oriflame, we’re committed to guiding you through the complex world of healthy eating and dietary supplements!

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