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Perfume for Women by Oriflame

Perfume for Women by Oriflame

Oriflame Perfumes for women are a range of fragrances from Oriflame including Giordani, Elvie, Amber elixir, Divine, Giordani Gold and Eclat. Perfume for Women by Oriflame ⇓

Perfume for Women by Oriflame

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Oriflame have a wonderful range of perfumes, eau de toilette and fragrances for women. Whatever your preference you are sure to find a fragrance, eau de perfume or eau de toilette to suit you from this great selection of scents. Choosing the right perfume for you mood and occasion is very important. The perfume you choose should make you feel confident that you portray the most beautiful you. Confidence, enthusiasm, sensual and alluring — Oriflame have perfumes to suit every woman for every occasion.

Which Family of perfume do you prefer?

Fragrances fall into family groups such as Floral, Spicy Woody, Fresh etc. Perfumes are chosen because they recreate happy memories or because they stimulate the olfactory receptors so people tend to stay with a certain smell family throughout their lives, although gifts from others may lead them out of their usual choice.
The response we have via our Olfactory Receptors are what we usually refer to as our «Sense of Smell”
When looking to change your perfume/aftershave or are looking for a fragrance gift, consider what you/they already like and look for a fragrance within that particular family group. Chances are if you like one Woody fragrance, you may also like others.

Consider the occasion

Some perfumes/aftershaves are designed for different times of the day. Are you looking for something to wear during the day, for evenings or just for fun! Usually the preference is for lighter scents during the day and stronger fragrances for evening.

Perfume Oriflame

Ask for a Sample so you can try before you buy

Before trying different scents decide how much you want to spend . If you register with Oriflame Skincare you can request a sample of any of our perfumes and we will send one to you in the post. You do need to fill in the registration first so that we have all your details.

Why does it not smell the same on me?

When finding a new scent don’t try more than three at any one time. Noses can become temporarily de-sensitised (smell fatigue) when you try too many perfumes . Take a few deep breaths through your nose to clear your nose of any lingering perfume/aftershave notes. Fragrances don’t smell the same on everyone so if you like the smell of a perfume or aftershave on someone else it may not smell the same on you. Fragrance reacts uniquely on different skin types or under different conditions e.g. body temperature, diet, weather.

Perfume Oriflame

Choosing the best fragrance for you

1. Find which family of perfumes appeal to you generally
2. Lighter fragrances work better for daytime and heavier musky scents are great for night time
3. For evenings the more concentrated perfumes rather than eau de toilette are often preferred.
4. When choosing for someone else, a fragrance that you like may not smell the same on someone else or suit their personality so find out what family they prefer.
5. Apply scents to your wrist to try them. The wrist gives the best representation of how the fragrance will smell to others when you wear it on you
6. Fill in a registration form with your address and ask us for a sample of a perfume you wish to test.

Perfume for Women by Oriflame