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Oriflame Managers’ Seminar 2015 India

Oriflame Managers’ Seminar 2015 India

All Aboard The Dream Express: Oriflame carried the magic of The Dream Express experience to thousands of leaders in a series of 5 extravagant events in 5 prominent cities over a period of 5 exciting days.

The Dream Express connection was brought alive by a highly enthusiastic team led by none other than VP and Head of South Asia and MD India – Niklas Frisk.

From Guwahati to Kolkata to Bangalore to Mumbai and finally to New Delhi…. the Managers’ Seminar was attended by almost 3000 Managers and above who witnessed an array of dances, product showcases, fashion shows and most importantly knowledge sharing sessions.

We had Niklas Frisk providing the leaders with a business update from a year on year perspective and highlighted on the individual growth pattern and on how important recruitment is to achieve individual growth.

The Diamond and Executive Conference 2017 destination — Florida was also launched in the seminars, “with Oriflame it is not just business, we have ample travel opportunities in the best of the locations across continents”.

Manager seminar Oriflame India

Manager seminar Oriflame India 7

Manager seminar Oriflame India 6

Manager seminar Oriflame India 2

Pradnya Deshpande – Sales Director shared an update on sales parameters and focus areas, recruitment with leadership development; the session was highly informative & motivational.

Recognitions ranged from level 12% Managers to the Highest Title Achieved followed by Regional Top 15 at the respective regions.

The regional marketing team – Juan Carlos Posada with Prachi Mohapatra promoted Royal Velvet set and emphasized on set selling. The team also highlighted on being the proud partner for the upcoming Bollywood movie “Calendar Girls” by Madhur Bhandarkar  – a highly acclaimed movie Director.

The launch of Omega 3 for kids along with its mascot Lemony was thrilling for all the audiences across cities by the Wellness team – Malin Petersson with Kavita Rahman; our nutrition expert Sonia Narang gave in-depth update on having a healthy diet supported with key supplements such as Omega 3 and leading a quality lifestyle across cities.

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Manager seminar Oriflame India 4

Manager seminar Oriflame India 3

The events were culminated on a high note with Puneet Madan – Sales Support Director, South Asia taking the stage to showcase current and new collections for future sales action drivers and motivated them to become a Lakhpati with Oriflame. He also re-launched and promoted with great intensity and full enthusiasm the next Director’s Seminar 2016 – Jaipur for all.

In all sessions, the key objective was to ensure that all these attendees go back home feeling motivated and recharged!

The event concluded with the loudest Oriflame applause as a commitment from Managers to grow to become new SM and Directors and qualify to attend the Directors’ Seminar 2016 in Jaipur next year.