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Healthiest Cities Where to Live for Good Health

Healthiest Cities Where to Live for Good Health

It’s no secret that the healthiest cities in America are the ones that have plenty of healthy food options and opportunities to exercise. The following 5 cities are ranked in order by Forbes as the best places to live if health is a top priority.

#1: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Photo source: InstagramIn Minneapolis, smoking is banned in all public areas and loads of bike and walking trails are scattered thorough the city. There are also plenty of snow sports during the winter. Residents here have some of the lowest rates of asthma and heart disease in the country.

#2: Washington D.C.

Photo source: Instagram This might come as a surprise to many people, but the nation’s capital actually boasts one of the lowest smoking rates in America and people walk and bike everywhere due to heavy traffic. There are also plenty of recreation centers that allow people to swim and play sports. In addition, the plethora of farmer’s markets makes it easy to choose healthy foods.

#3: Boston, Massachusetts

Photo source: InstagramAccording to statistics, at least 80 percent of Boston residents report exercising on any given day. The city also boasts lower than average obesity rates and many people walk or bike to work rather than driving or using public transportation. Many Bostonians also report eating more than five servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

#4: Portland, Oregon

Photo source: InstagramThis Northwestern city is home to plenty of vegetarian friendly eating options and most residents place an emphasis on healthy lifestyle choices, including exercise. There are lots of farmer’s markets and good access to medical care as well.

#5: Denver, Colorado

Photo source: InstagramDenver is surrounded by a multitude of exercise options. That includes skiing and snowboarding during the winter and water sports, hiking and biking during the summer. More than 60 percent of Denver residents are ranked as being in very good or excellent health. Heart disease rates are lower than average as are obesity rates.

Of course, not living in one of the healthiest cities doesn’t mean a person can’t still be healthy. Taking a cue from the top 5 by eating healthy and getting lots of exercise, can be done in any city or town in the world. Taking those steps ensures good health for a lifetime.