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Wellness by Oriflame Shakes

Protein Shakes: Wellness by Oriflame

What Are Protein Shakes For?

Why a lot of bodybuilders like taking protein shakes or any other form of protein, right? Well, there are so many roles played by protein shakes especially when it comes to enhancing body fitness. To begin with, protein shake is more like a liquid supplement which is made from different sources of protein. Some of the sources include whey, rice and eggs. Additionally, protein shakes contain some carbohydrates.

Before you decide to take protein shakes, it is important to first understand the amount that is recommended for intake. This is because taking more than the recommended amount can trigger some negative health implications. Normally, it is recommended that you take 1 gram of protein per pound of your overall weight. It is advised that you stick to the prescription to ensure that positive results yield.

So, What Are Protein Shakes For ?

Muscle Building

Health specialists advise that you should take enough proteins each day to facilitate good body health. One of the roles played by protein shakes is to enhance the process of rebuilding muscle tissues. Additionally, protein shakes help in preventing loss of lean in your tissues. The bottom line is that the supplement is essential in muscle building. If you are embarking on a weight loss quest, protein shakes can help in retaining the shape of your muscles while you shed some pounds on the other hand.

Muscle Recovery

Chances of suffering muscle injury during workouts are high. Some of the injuries can be intense hence risking your muscle tissues. Important to note, muscle healing can be slow especially when the respective aids are not used to fasten the process. Protein shakes have been conformed to be very effective in fastening and facilitating the healing process of your muscles after workouts.

In a different note, protein shakes help in elevating your performance during tasking workouts. This is because proteins play the role of preparing your body for the hard task ahead. It is therefore important to ensure that you take protein shake before and after workouts.

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Supply Of Simple Sugars

Considering the fact that protein shakes are made of carbohydrates and proteins, their main role is to ensure adequate supply of simple sugars in your body. It is important to note that protein shakes are digested quickly hence appropriate in replenishing body sugar. In other words, protein shakes help in keeping your body in an anabolic state. This in return prevents muscle breakdown.

Bone Strength

For you to have enough body energy, your bones must be in the right condition. This means that you have to consume calcium in abundance. You might wonder how protein shakes are connected to bone strength, right? For your information, some of the ingredients in protein shakes carry up to 20% calcium. This means that an additional role of protein shakes is strengthening your bones.

Manufacturing of Enzymes

The role of enzymes in human body is considered very paramount. Note that enzymes are catalysts which speed up metabolic processes in the body. This means that enzymes have a role to play in managing body strength. Protein shakes are known to help in boosting the production of enzymes in your body.


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