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Tips to Lose Weight in a Week

Tips to Lose Weight in a Week

Having a perfect body is very common desire in human society because a well-shaped good-looking person considered as healthy, active and wise in our society while the general thinking about bulgy people is just the opposite of physically fit people. However, only a few things are right in such assumptions about obsess people; of course, they may have health related problems that might cause further complications in their lives.

However, as every problem has its’ solution, obesity too in the same way has solutions; losing body weight is obviously hard but achievable target. A person needs to burn around 3500 calories in a day for decreasing one pound from his body; in this manner, losing 7 pounds weight in a week seems like an achievable target. Carry on reading the following paragraphs of this article to know about some great tips to lose weight in a week.

Tip 1

Fasting is an important step for achieving weight loss target in a week. According to various clinical studies, fasting not only helps in achieving weight loss goal quickly but it also cleans up the body thoroughly and removes unwanted microorganism and harmful toxins from it. In other words, fasting is the process of preparing your body for starting a weight lose program.

Tip 2

A common problem associated with fat people is the feeling of stomach emptiness that further provokes them to eat out more in frequent manners. In order to prevent this feeling, prepare a drink by adding appropriate quantity of apple cedar vinegar in proportional amount of water and rinse with a tablespoon. Mix stevia sweetener in the mixture and shake well before consuming it, keep on drinking it for at least three times daily to control the feeling of stomach emptiness for long durations.

Tip 3

Natural diuretics are very useful in achieving weight loss in quick manner because natural diuretics help to remove unnecessary excessive water from the body that automatically decreases the body weight. It is a common practice adopted in sports for maintaining the weight range of athletes. Remember to consult your doctor before using any diuretic products though.

Tip 4

Cardio vascular workouts are very effective in decreasing body weight; however, one requires doing it in proper and regular manner. A half an hour cardio vascular exercise twice a day would be sufficient to achieve one-week target.

Tip 5

Other important tips to lose weight in a week include increasing the eating frequencies from 3 times a day to five, but only in small quantity. Consuming protein drinks between meals is also important for decreasing the regular intakes of calories as well. Decreasing the dependency on carbohydrate is also important that one may achieve by consuming low carbohydrate foods. According to dieticians, a human body requires only 50 g of carbohydrate per day for adequate performance. Low carbohydrate foods such as oatmeal, almond, boiled eggs, Tuna, Salmon, beans, and Tofu may prove effective in weight lose as well.

Tip 6

Using nutritional supplements such as protein shake, protein powder and liquid amino acids between the meals is also fruitful; moreover, using nutritional supplement post regular workouts is also effective way of losing pounds quickly. Every person is different from others in terms of physical and mental capabilities therefore, it is important to consult your physician before using above given “tips to lose weight in a week” so he can suggest you the proper method as per the capabilities of your body.