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The Benefits of Vitamin E

The Benefits of Vitamin E

The Benefits of Vitamin E. Vitamins are good for our body inside and out. Today lets focus on vitamin E and all the good stuff that it can do for you! Do some of your skin concerns include: Stretch Marks, Dry Skin, or fine lines?

The Benefits of Vitamin E

Does anyone else have grandmothers or mothers who slather cold cream all over their face? Ever wondered why?

Chances are if you look at the little tub of cream one of the ingredients is vitamin E.

The Benefits of Vitamin E

Studies show vitamin E can help slow down the production of fine lines due to it’s thick texture and hydrating properties.

So keep this in mind. Dry skin — unhappy, tight, flaky, dull, and prone to showing more lines. Moisturized skin- happy, supple, plump, healthy, bright.

I would use this as a night cream because it really is rather heavy and who doesn’t want to wake up to soft plump skin?

Now the stretch mark part is a little controversial. The studies go two different ways mentioning it really doesn’t work and another saying if you use vitamin E combined with vitamin C whether it be in cream or pure form will actually help diminish the look of stretch marks.

The study that says it doesn’t work means stretch marks will not completely disappear but rather the vitamin E improves the texture of skin making the stretch marks less noticeable.

So if you really think about it.

Vitamin E has a win-win situation

The jar I have says it can be used as a make-up base. I’m curious to see how that would work out. Maybe I need to try it and see if my makeup goes on smoother even though I already know my face will be a oily slick! I’ll follow up and let you know those results! Try it out also if you go the route of Vitamin E Cream.

For those of you that use eye creams is Vitamin E or C included? What about those of you who have used lotions for stretch marks?

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