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Oriflame Cosmetics - a unique opportunity

Oriflame Cosmetics — a unique opportunity

Company Overview. 50 Years and Not a Wrinkle! Oriflame Cosmetics is today one of the world’s fastest-growing cosmetics companies. Oriflame has sales operations in 55 countries and market leadership in over 30 countries. A sales force of 1.5 million independent Sales Consultants market a complete range of high quality skincare, fragrances and cosmetics.

Although the company has grown rapidly it never lost sight of its original business concept Natural Swedish Cosmetics from friend to friend.

Interactive Flash Presentation 40 Years With Oriflame Oriflame Cosmetics:

A Worldwide Success Story

  • Approximately 652 million Euros in annual sales
  • 1.7 million Sales Consultants
  • 4,600 employees
  • 550 products
  • Over 64 million catalogues in 35 languages
  • Oriflame UK and Ireland: An Historical Overview
  • 1967 Founded in Sweden
  • 1970 First Oriflame Consultants start selling in the UK
  • 1972 Oriflame Ireland opens as a licensee
  • 1988 First Catalogues published in the UK
  • 1998 Change to current Success Plan
  • 2003 Oriflame UK and Ireland reach 7,000 Sales Consultants
  • Seize the Oriflame opportunity today!

Look Great Make Money — Have Fun

Take this opportunity to enjoy our unique products, meet new people and earn extra money.

  1. Natural Health and Beauty Products
    High International Quality, natural, plant-based products that people love!
  2. Full Colour Catalogues, Economical Products
    Full colour catalogues and highly competitive and affordable prices.
  3. Special Offers
    Special offers for your customers to enjoy, to help build your business!
  4. Free Management Training
    Excellent earning potential is available through the Free Oriflame Management Training and use of Oriflame’s cutting edge online technology.
  5. Generous, Personal, Retail Discounts
  6. Attractive, Achievable Bonuses and Free Oriflame Products!
  7. Proven Retailing and Marketing Methods
    Choose from many methods, catalogue sales, in-home parties and demonstrations, online sales, build your own sales teams, and more!
  8. No Experience Required
  9. Friendly Support and Assistance
  10. Flexible Work Schedule
    You gain the freedom to work hours that suit you and your family.
  11. Established, Internationally Successful Company
  12. Safe Shopping
  13. No Up-front Costs to Join
  14. Oriflame Professional Business Case

Claim your Oriflame business case today! The Oriflame Business Case contains a variety of skincare, fragrance and lipstick samples. Although there is no start up fee, The Business case is £15.00 and you decide if you would like one or not~ If you do want the case it will be sent with your first order and you will be invoiced with your first order.

The Forbidden Truth About Oriflame Business Revealed by an Expert

More, More, More!

  • Free Catalogues! Once you have registered with us and have been issued your Oriflame Consultant number and placed your first order Oriflame will rush you 10 free catalogues to help you get started.
  • Free Gift of Aloe! You’ll also receive a full size tube of Aloe Protective Hand Cream, together with many useful business aids to help get your Oriflame Consultancy off to a great start.
  • Receive immediate access to your Free Oriflame Website!
  • Your Oriflame Starter Kit also comes with Free Oriflame Sample Pouch and Free Business Information and Sample Pack.

Your Personal Development

A member of our team will be selected to be your personal coach, giving you as much support and advice as you need. You will also enjoy variouskinds of sales, marketing and training tools to help in building up your business. For example, access to our training website full of great information and advice. It also has a forum where you may chat to other consultants in our group. You’ll have your own personal Oriflamehomepage, plus you will be sent a group newsletter with the publication of each new catalogue to inform you of the latest news, offers and training opportunities which are all free to you.

Making it a career 

There are many levels for you to achieve with great rewards for each level, starting at consultant with between 23%-30% profits. If you want to go further, you can start to build your own team. With just 3 consultants under you, your earnings go up to 37.5%! Create your own management position, where your earnings become even greater. We are there every step of the way to ensure your success! The choice is yours as to how much money you want to earn and how much time you want to invest in managing your business.

Our Success Story

We were both Managers for a well know American Restaurant Company TGIF, we were both feed up with working long hours and working at Christmas and bank holidays. So decided to look for a home based opportunity that could keep us in the life style that we were accustomed to. One night Annette was invited to a make-up party, and that was our first introduction to Oriflame. Because our children were young and oriflame fitted around the family, Annette began the Oriflame opportunity in 2000, doing parties and showing catalogues part time to help with the family income.

Annette continued with oriflame as a successful part time business until 2005, when Mike decided to «retire» from the Restaurant life and take on the Oriflame opportunity as his full time job!

We have never looked back! We always have plenty to do: Introducing new consultants, training and teaching, hosting and attending meetings and enjoying the benefits of being self employed. We can do what we want, when we want, and having the money we make from Oriflame ensures we have fun doing it.

Anyone who joins Oriflame is self-employed, but no one is out on their own alone, as we are one big family with Oriflame and we encourage and support one another.

There are always incentives to win foreign holidays; we have personally been to Egypt, Barcelona, Tenerife and many weekends away in London.

After 8 years with Oriflame, We are excited now about the products and the business opportunity as ever, and are always happy to welcome new consultants to the Oriflame family.

~ Annette & Mike Cook~ Senior District Managers

Oriflame Slovenija: Pridružite se Oriflamu!

With Oriflame, you too will have the opportunity to win foreign holidays, attend company conferences and drive a fully-financed company car or receive a car allowance. What you put into your business is what you receive (unlike a 9 to 5 job). If you enjoy talking to people, learning about skincare and cosmetics, making money, and having fun, Oriflame is the business for you.

How to Get Started
Consultant Registration. Please fill in the form below for more information. Upon submitting the following details, you will receive an official Consultant Registration Form. There is no obligation.