Starting Your Own Business about Oriflame

Oriflame Business

Starting Your Own Business about Oriflame

Why to Become an Oriflame Consultant?

To become a consultant with Konstantin Kharchenko will give you a way to enrich your thought process in a dynamic way & identify your personality and become a diamond. It gives you 3 things make money, look great & have fun by working in team.

Benefits of Being a Oriflame Consultant ?

  • Fulfill all your dreams
  • Best opportunity to work from home
  • No boss
  • Riskless business
  • No time commitment
  • Work in team

Benefits from Oriflame

1)  Get 20% off on all products

2)  A unique opportunity to make money while having fun!

3)  Access to all our programs in business, cosmetics and health!


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How to Start Marketing and Build a Team for your Oriflame Business

Marketing and Spreading out the word for your business is crucial to your growth and it is not an easy task, here are 3 tips from us to get you started early.

  1. Market to your current contacts – Start marketing with your current contact such as friends and family. It’s the best way to get started and starting to build a good relationship with your team as you already know them.
  2. Online Marketing – If you are comfortable in operating a computer and would like to expand your small business all over Mumbai. The best way to start generating online presence is Blogging. Go to to create a free blog and start sharing your experience with this business ( Most people are interested in behind the scenes and success story of a business which builds trust upon them and would like to do the same.
  3. Social Media Marketing – If you don’t like to write too much and if you are already on Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networking sites, you can start with sharing and inviting them to your business via personal conversation. Creating Facebook pages for your business is a good way to start and make sure to interact in groups and increase your network which is the crucial part of any business.

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