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My first Whole 30 Experience

My first Whole30 Experience

After reading the book It all Starts with Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig I have decided to jump with two feet into my first Whole30! Why have I decided to do this?  About 6 months ago, I went gluten-free after reading all the research regarding gluten and the havoc it wrecks. I noticed a significant difference after about 2 months in regard to my digestion and energy levels. At this point, I had heard about the «Paleo diet» or the «caveman diet» , but it seemed to only be associated with CrossFit for powerlifters .

Side Note: Please note that I live in a small, not-very-fit town in North Carolina, so we are about 10 years late on everything.  When I tell people that I don’t eat breads, grains, dairy, etc I still get the open-mouth look and the question, «well…what do you eat then?»  Back on track: I downloaded the book, It all starts with Food by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig about 2-3 weeks ago and read the entire book in a weekend.  I will read it again because there is so much information that you can’t possibly digest it all in one read.   To make this story shorter, I printed the grocery list of the store and set out to my neighborhood Lowes grocery store, bought everything I needed, prepared everything and stocked the fridge with Whole30 approved foods. As I am writing this I am on Day 7. Having just finished my food for next week I am ready to keep going.   I want to share with you some of my personal experiences with the Whole30 thus far.

Day 1: I felt fantastic! I was starting something NEW and EXCITING and I love new things! No problems!

Day 2: I did not have the «hangover» as described in the book. I still felt ok, but I did find that I needed to eat more fats and protein at lunch.

Day 3-4: My husband and I actually went out of town for a couple of days to bring in the New Year. I made sure I was super prepared with all Whole30 approved foods so I could stay on track! Again, I felt great!

Day 5-6:  I have to say I felt more lethargic during these days, but nothing I couldn’t deal with. My only issue is I want to munch on food when I am tired, not necessarily bad food just food. Luckily I was prepared with Whole30 foods and made it thorough the day! It was tough not having my «Friday after work wine»….the sacrifices  🙂

Day 7: I did not eat enough breakfast this morning and about died while I was teaching my indoor spin class! I had a banana in my bag and that saved me from passing out and scaring my class, but I know now that I need more carbohydrates (sweet potato) with breakfast before teaching a tabata spin class!