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Khloe Kardashian s Workout Secrets Revealed

Khloe Kardashian s Workout Secrets Revealed

Khloe Kardashian’s body looks pretty incredible these days. Her sister Kim gets a lot more tabloid coverage for her lack of body coverage, and everyone is pretty impressed with the new mom’s bounce back to her pre-baby bikini body. However, Khloe has also been doing something right.

According to E! Online, celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson is partly responsible for Khloe’s fit figure. Here’s a look at some of the workout moves that she’s doing:

The Plyometric Push-up

To perform this move, place your hands on a thick mat and get in the regular push-up position. When you push-up, you’ll want to do it so hard that your hands actually come up off the floor (it should be an explosive movement). Unfortunately, you don’t get a breather – you’ve got to immediately do it again. Once you get really good, you can throw in a clap or two while you’re in the air.

The Sled

It sounds like Gunnar Petersen has Khloe Kardashian doing some of the same brutal exercises that Kim did after giving birth. According to MailOnline, these include pushing a 200-pound sled down a 90-foot track. Khloe has posted images of the apparatus on Instagram, and it looks like she’s getting a great glute workout by pushing the sled around. Gunnar makes Sofia Vergara do the same exercise, so obviously you’ve got to try it if you’re trying to tighten up your tush.

The Deadlift

Khloe also targets her glutes by performing the good ol’ deadlift. The deadlift involves simply standing with your feet shoulder width apart; squatting down; gripping a barbell with your palms facing toward you; and slowing standing up so that your legs and back are straight. It’s very important to do this exercise correctly, so make sure that you really work on getting your form right. One tip is to pretend like you’re sitting down in a chair when you squat.

Resistance Running

The sled isn’t the only torturous tool that Khloe gets to use in Gunnar’s gym – the reality show star also runs while wearing a bungee cord attached to the wall. This is a good running exercise to try if you’re tired of the treadmill.

Khloe also does plenty of ab work, and she does 15 to 32 reps of each exercise. The reality show star is very dedicated to being fit and visits Gunnar’s gym three to five days a week even though she seems to really dread pushing that heavy sled.