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Depression and Life

Depression and Life: Ways to get over it

I posted this earlier and got some nice responses, so I thought this should be a nice article.

Alright folks, it’s high time I penned this down. I have been meaning to write this for a while now and thought I’d let you guys know it. As a disclaimer, I’ll let you know that this post is not to seek sympathies, but rather an attempt to let other people who face this, cope up with it.

5-6 months ago, my life was on the highs

I could, easily be, one of the coolest guys you’d meet. In fact, many people told me this. I was investing in property, buying cars and doing a lot of charity. All this, at the little age of seventeen. I was working with affiliate marketing, with adsense and god knows what else. I had goals i was moving towards and i was achieving them with a slow but steady pace.

I had begun getting this instinct of moving my business offline. Since I was worried, I might get targetted by another Internet dot com bubble burst. I became a target of sweet talks and me and another guy were victimized in what could be possibly the biggest fraud, I have seen in my life. I virtually lost everything and was under debts (the story might be interesting to many of you, but am not comfortable sharing it). It was only lately, i began swarming up and slowly regaining my earlier moment. During the downfall, I faced a condition what those white-coat guys term as Clinical Depression.

I am writing this post, to quite possibly, help other’s who are facing a similar situation, since after talking to a few old friends on the internet and sharing my thoughts with them, I just found out that they faced a similar situation at times.

What is Depression ?

It is nothing but an illness which involves your body, mind and your mood. It strangles your thoughts and affects your way of dwelling. It affects the way you eat, the way you sleep and most importantly the way you think.

What are it’s causes?

In my cases, it was a huge monetary loss. In other cases, it could be romantic losses, marital problems or other family problems, divorce, separation, death of someone you love, loss of job, moving far away from a loved one etc.

What are it’s symptoms?

— People with Depression are often Sad, anxious and increasingly worried.

— They often face decreased energy levels and are slowed down in their work.

— They lose interest in activities which they once enjoyed a lot.

— They may either face insomnia, or sleep for hours or get up earlier than usual.

— They may either lose their appetite or contradictorily overeat and gain a lot of weight.

— They feel worthless, hopeless, guilty, helpless and pessimist all the time.

— Thoughts of Self-harm, of death and even of killing oneself.

— They’re not able to concentrate, make decisions or remember anything.

— They feel restless throughout are frustrated all the time.

— They cry excessively.

— They Suffer from Chronic Aches and/or physical problems that are not affected by treatment.

Is this thing treatable ?

My doctors told me, yes they are! However, most people avoid visiting a doctor for depression. It can be a variety of reasons. Sometimes, they’re too ashamed of themselves or think that the doctor might call think of them as a loser. Other times, they’re just pretty sure they won’t be able to tell whatever they want to, to the doctor.

Seventy five percent of depressive occurrence will treat themselves overtime, without any treatment within 6-10 months. But if adequate treatment is not provided, these people can face the same situation yet again in their lifetime. Hence, it’s best to seek medical advice.

How to combat it? (From my personal experience…)

— Maintain a diary or a blog.

This thing actually works. I was too lazy for a diary, so I setup an anonymous blog and would blog 2-3 times daily about everything good that happened with me earlier. I would feel good when i read it later.

Also, I read on one of the sites that if you’ve got a friend who’s facing depression, create a list of all the good things in him/her and hand it over.

— Having a great relationship helps

This can be your girlfriend or just one of your best friends. Someone, you can share your feelings with, someone you can confide in.

But remember, the person at the receiving end is a human, at the end of the day. And it’s difficult encountering a depressed person who’s frustrated all the time. So if they react weirdly, understand that you have done something that you shouldn’t have.

Make it a point, to keep that one person happy, spend time talking with him/her and trust me, you will begin to feel better.

Get a Job — Involve

My uncle runs an old age home in the same town that I reside in. I used to go there and spend time with the residents. I helped him keep accounts. Would go with him to get the food supplies, the blankets etc., helped him plan the utilization of the donations received and in other such things. This kept me busy and made me feel good.

Self harm or suicide is not the solution

When that feeling of hopelessness grapples you, you start getting this feeling that killing yourself or hurting yourself is a viable solution to get away from the problems. But believe me, it isn’t.

Whenever such a feeling gripped me, I used to think of my family & my girlfriend. What would happen to them, without me? I would ask myself, do you really want to do this? Why not try being happy again? How about asking for a bit of help before taking such a drastic step? And it worked always…

Identify your problems, and think of the good things. If it’s your family, tell them that all this is throwing you on such a road, if it’s your girl, talk to her, if it’s something else, think of solutions.

Take part in activities, involve yourself, exercise a lot, maintain a balanced diet, avoid drugs and alcohol and it should help you a lot.

Have fun, enjoy your life and let me know if you need any sort of help.