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Traveling with Kids

Checklist for Parents Traveling with Kids

When traveling with kids, there are certain things you ‘must do’ in order to ensure a safe and sane trip for all involved. While many families choose to fly on domestic flights for vacations in the contiguous United States, others opt for driving because there are so many options available in between home and your final destination. If you are traveling by car on your next vacation, maybe the first time ever with kids, you might want to be aware of a few things you can do in preparation for your journey. Checklist for Parents Traveling with Kids.

Plan Your Route Carefully

Sometimes the fastest route when traveling with kids isn’t always the best route. You may be thinking that the kids won’t want to sit in the car for hours on end and that is, for sure, a fact. However, you can always plan little ‘side trips’ on the way to give the kids something to see and do along the way. What is a few miles off the highway if they can stop at a petting zoo or take a quick swim in the ocean? Sometimes the highway is just a few miles from major attractions like Disneyland or Sea World, so you really could add those attractions to your itinerary. By planning well in advance, you can actually get more into that vacation than you originally had planned.

Plan Scheduled Breaks

How many of you have ever had the dubious pleasure of riding with kids who, after the first hour or so, begin asking, “Are we there yet?” Some parents liken this to Chinese water torture because there are only so many ways to explain it’s going to take a while – a very long while – to get where you are going. Kids get antsy in the car and so you should schedule potty breaks and play time every 90 minutes to 2 hours. Not only does this help to relieve the boredom for kids but also gives you a chance to get the blood circulating so that you aren’t drowsy behind the wheel.

Schedule Check-ins with Family Members throughout the Day

Vacation is supposed to be a time of relaxation and fun but there are sometimes those mishaps that ruin the fun and actually put a halt to the vacation as well. From auto accidents to getting lost on the trip, there are a number of things that can go wrong. By informing a family member or close friend of your route and planned stops, you are ensuring that someone is aware of where you should be at any given time and can call for help if you should fail to check in or can’t be reached. This gives a certain range of distance for local authorities to begin searching. You have no clue how many vacations were totally spoiled because of unexpected mishaps.

If you should get in an accident on the road and are in another state from which you reside, the one thing you may want to do is contact a car accident lawyer licensed in that state to represent you when you return home. This is vitally important especially if you are not at fault and there are injuries in the vehicle. Not only will those need to be compensated for but also the amount of suffering sustained because your children may be entirely traumatized.

Vacations are supposed to be fun and you can help to ensure that they are but never leave the house without seeing to the items on this checklist. Your safety (and sanity!) may depend on it. Keep the kids busy and you’ll have all the peace and quiet (well some of it at least!) that you deserve when traveling with kids.