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5 Tips for healthier hair during pregnancy

5 Tips for healthier hair during pregnancy

5 Tips for healthier hair during pregnancy. Any woman who has been through a pregnancy or is currently pregnant with their first child will tell you that there is no ‘one symptom fits all’ for the type of changes your body is going through. Each woman is different and will experience a variety of fluctuations that could be completely different from what their friend, mother or sister underwent. Especially when it comes to hair, some women may notice thicker, more luscious locks and others starts to thin and damaged.

Eat a balanced diet

Despite the odd craving for cake, pickles, cream cheese lathered bagels, fries and whatever else you can get your hands on, eating a balanced diet has never been more important especially when you are pregnant. Not only does the food you are consuming have a direct effect on your child, but it also influences your mood, energy levels, skin, teeth, nails and hair. For healthier hair, a diet rich in proteins, zinc, folic acids, vitamin B12, iron and omega 3 fatty acids will encourage shinier hair that is stronger and boosts reproduction of your hair follicles. Food items to add to your shopping list are salmon, almonds, lentils, carrots, eggs, chicken and dark, leafy greens.

Avoid Dying Hair with Ammonia Ridden Products

There is a great deal of controversy about colouring your hair during pregnancy. What you decide is up to you, but it’s recommended by experts not to undergo any chemical processes that risk toxins seeping into the skin, especially during the first trimester. If you are going to dye your hair, then it is wise to discuss with your OB-GYN and your hairdresser the safer dye options that are available on the market. There are natural, vegetable-based dyes that can be used as a substitute as well as ammonia free dyes, but it’s best to research into the ingredient listing on these products to make sure they are safe to use.


Opt for products free from harsh chemicals

It should be made known that the word ‘natural’ that you see on your local supermarket brand shampoo does not always mean ‘natural.’ Most shampoos contain incredibly harsh chemicals that have the ability to damage your hair over time. One of the chemicals that every person should be weary of is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. It is one of the more commonly used chemicals found in beauty products – and industrial cleaners. Can you imagine what this type of product is doing to our hair? SLS has been linked to irritation of the eyes/skin, organ toxicity, developmental and reproductive toxicity, cellular changes and possible mutations. Instead of supermarket brand shampoos, opt for organic products that you know are healthy, safe, green and socially responsible. If you’re chasing a natural product that covers any thinning patches you may experience during pregnancy, check out BioTHIK .

Use a home-made treatment weekly

Pregnancy is the perfect time to treat yourself, so why not give your scalp a hot oil massage. Natural oils, especially olive, coconut and jojoba will help to strengthen your locks and promote growth, especially if you find that your hair is thinning. Combine your chosen oil to a comfortable temperate, massage into your head and leave for thirty minutes before rinsing it out.

How do you manage your hair during pregnancy? Tell us in the comments below.